Elsie Jeevaratnam

Manager, First Aider, CPO

Elsie started working at Abacus, in 2007, as a Key worker and took over the manager's position in 2016. She is also fluent in Tamil and Sinhala. 


Deputy Manager, First Aider, SENCO


Tracey joined Abacus in February 2018 and became the deputy manager in September.

Shrutee Shrestha



Shrutti became part of our team in 2016. In addition to English, Shrutti can also speak Nepalese and Hindi.


Key worker, First Aider


Hyo recently joined the Abacus team in September 2018. She is able to read, write and speak Korean.


 Key worker,First Aider


Joanna has been working as a supply since 2017. and has joined our team as a practitioner.


Key worker, First Aider


Although Najoua has been doing her placement with Abacus for some time, she officially joined the team in September 2019. In addition to English, Najoua can speak Arabic and French. 



Key Worker, First Aider

Meera became a member of the Abacus team in February 2017. Meera can also read, write and speak Tamil.



Key Worker, First Aider

Caroline is our most senior member of staff having worked in Abacus for over 20 years.



Key Worker, First Aider

Matilda joined Abacus in 2016 and is now a key worker. She is able to communicate in both Tamil and Sinhala.



Key Worker, First Aider

We welcomed Sumi into our team in February 2017. She is able to communicate in Nepalese and Hindi.


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